Jeff Duke - Pharmaceutical Consultant
Jeff Duke - Pharmaceutical Consultant

Interim Management

Recruiting Interim Managers can be a cost effective solution where experienced leadership is required to move a business through changes, including new opportunities and ways of working or to act until permanent managers are recruited. Interim Management is not just about "holding the fort", but ensuring that the business continues to move forward. A key attribute of interim managers is that they act "just for you" and that they will personally ensure that solutions are enacted according to the brief.

With many years experience in management of both small teams and large groups, combined with local and global (UK, US and EU) departmental leadership in the pharmaceutical industry, Jeff is highly qualified to undertake Interim Management within organisations and has a proven track record in the following areas:

  • Forming departments and creating and optimising efficient workflows
  • Upsizing, downsizing and closing departments and functions
  • Developing new technical approaches
  • Highly skilled and qualified analytical chemistry development & reviews
  • Technical Stewardship, ensuring deadlines are met
  • Change management, particularly involving helping staff who are undergoing new challenges and experiences in their working environment
  • Senior Staff Development
Pharma Consultant

These are just a few areas where Grove Lodge Consulting can help. Of course all of the areas listed in the Consultancy section may also be amenable to an Interim Management approach. If you have a need within your business and think that interim management or consultancy may be the answer, let us know and we may be able to help you find the right solution for your business.

Change Management, Staff Development, Technical Stewardship

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